AS 135

Equipos Articulados-Telescópicos


AS 135

Telescopic-Articulated Aerial Devices. Its compact design and telescopic extension guarantee great versatility and outstanding performance. It allows for a safe drive due to the low center of gravity and the product optimization; it can also be mounted on small and medium-sized vehicles.

The lift achieves a great horizontal and vertical reach, and the telescopic extension has a high level of precision when approaching the target. The platform dump system provides security and versatility in emergencies


Technical specifications
  • Working Height (m) 13,48 [ft] 45
  • Height To Platform Depth (m) 11,98 [ft] 40
  • Horizontal Reach (m) 6,56 [ft] 21 (a)
  • Transport Height (m) 2,87 [ft] 10
  • Transport Full Length (m) 5.08 [ft] 17
  • Platform Load Capacity (kg) 160 [lb] 350
  • Lower Boom Articulation (°) 80
  • Upper Boom Articulation (°) 99
  • Continuous and Uninterrupted Rotation
  • Total Installed Weight (kg) 1,000 [lb] 2.210

(a)  Measurements to the outer edge of the platform

Manufacturing Features
  • ANSI 92.2 standard (2015 version)
  • Continuous and uninterrupted rotation by a rotator with bearing
  • Single person platform, with side entry, mounted on the end of the upper boom
  • Platform assembly below the equipment boom level
  • Controls at the base, with priority over upper controls
  • Safety devices against unintentional activation of the platform controls
  • Hydraulic cylinders with built-in safety valves
  • Emergency shutdown at the base and the platform
  • Platform hydraulic leveling
  • Fully protected hydraulic hoses inside the equipment
  • Self-lubricating bushings
  • Oil tank and filters in the base of the equipment
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Hydraulic pump activation by the power take-off
  • Start and shutdown of the drive motor through radio control system
  • Emergency manual pump
  • Low center of gravity in the final assembly
Optional Features
  • 46 kV Insulation 
  • Hydraulic pump activation by an independent combustion engine
  • Tool tray
  • Front stabilizers
  • Interlock system
  • Output for hydraulic tools on platform
  • Platform cover
  • Wheel chocks


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